Sisters, Brothers, and Kin,

Through 24 years of mastering my craft as an Emmy award-winning Journeyman Hairstylist, I have cultivated a strong focus on precision and excellence, as well as being a participating team player with my fellow artists.

My next ambition is to elevate my dedication by pursuing the responsibility and role of Business Representative at Local 706.

Stepping into the position of Business Representative offers me a platform to encourage, support, and empower ALL of my fellow artists; ensuring ALL voices are heard and ALL their rights are upheld. I support the modernization of technology to enhance our office for the betterment of Local 706.

I look forward to your thoughts, suggestions, improvements, or changes you would like to see within Local 706, for the years of 2025-2028”.

Feel free to reach out to me 24/7 with any questions or concerns at

In Solidarity Respectfully,
Cheryl Eckert
Board of Trustees 2021-2024
Executive Board 2019-2021

Working with such celebrities as:


Cheryl Eckert is a highly accomplished professional hairstylist, with extensive experience working with A-list celebrities in the entertainment industry. Her impressive career began in Chicago, where she started styling hair for her modeling friends. Her passion for hairstyling led her to move to Hollywood where she became a member of the IATSE Local 706. Over the years, Cheryl has earned one Emmy award with six Emmy nominations, & one MUAHS award with 4 nominations.
Cheryl’s dedication to her craft, along with her creative spirit and technical expertise, have made her a sought-after department head hair stylist and key hair stylist for numerous movies, TV shows, and photo shoots. She believes in infusing her own unique concepts with her clients’ visions, and she works with a natural ease and down-to-earth attitude that fosters trust and open communication with her clients.
As a successful freelance artist, Cheryl is always staying up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques by attending top-notch hair classes and shows. She also has a passion for avant-garde hair styling and has had the pleasure of studying under the great Sharon Blain. With her unique talent and high demand, Cheryl has established herself as a respected and successful hairstylist in Hollywood. She continues to work with gratitude and grace, and she is deeply thankful for her success.

Working on Movies and TV Shows such as: